About Elena Malkova

Allow me to introduce myself!

I am Elena Malkova, Dutch in my mind and Russian in my heart.

After my graduation 25 years ago (Master’s degree in Linguistics), I moved from Russia to the Netherlands for my work.

With complete dedication I have been working as an account and sales manager at international commercial companies in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Leading my own team was the most interesting and challenging experience for me. I learned by trial and error. Companies pay little attention to developing and supporting new leaders. My own experiences have given me a lot of insights!

I wanted more and 2 years ago I decided to further develop myself as a person and a professional. I wanted to be able to bring more meaning and content into the world. Coaching studies was the result of that. While studying I quickly discovered my passion. I want to help leaders and their teams to become the successful and at the same time the happy version of themselves! I knew like no other that it is possible and unfortunately not very common in business.

I have obtained 3 coaching diplomas and am also a certified DISC specialist. In my work I do not only use my experience and knowledge, but also my passion and drive, my “work smart” no-nonsense and result-oriented approach.

My mission is to create a corporate culture that forms the basis for a profitable enterprise with happy employees.